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I'm baccckkk

Well it's back and I'm back. It being anxiety/panic attacks. I've slowly gotten worse over the past few months. I constantly have a nervous stomach. I gag. I gag a lot. I threw up on Monday. That was a low moment in my life. Its the weekend, I'm supposed to be relaxing and doing whatever. I'm going to look at an amazing house today that I'm probably going to offer on. That's why I'm nervous. Having the responsibility of bills. Thats whats getting me. I should be excited to finally get out of my parents grasp, bc thats what I've always wanted... right? No rules, no expectancies. Just me, my house, and my bf. Yet I'm still sitting here, incredibly nervous. Shaking. Stomach ache. I do want the freedom to do what I want, I'm just scared of failure. I dont want to not be able to pay my bills. I dont want to lose my house. The thing is.. these fears are mostly irrational. I would totally be able to afford the house bc its under my max limit. Why am I so nervous then? I am going to go meet a new lady and my realtor has no idea what I'm going through. She's known me forever and I have never been this way in front of her. I wonder if I should tell her so when I'm gagging she doesn't freak out. But who's to say I'm going to gag. I just automatically assume now. Thats horrible. I hate associating gagging with nerves. Thats one of the worst connections my brain could have ever made. Gagging and possibly throwing up in front of people. Embarrassing as shit. Well this sucks..
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What should my next batch of icons be of?

Animals- Cats, Dogs, Wild Animals
Halloween stuff
Celebrities- please specify in a comment
TV shows- please specify in a comment
Harry Potter
Music- please specify in a comment

Please vote :)

Also if you dont see an answer that you would like to see, please leave it in a comment! XD
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[06] Covenant Icons (animated, humor, speedo's!)
[14] Harry Potter Icons (vulgar, Umbridge, and Luna)


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Icon POST!!!

[17] Harry Potter Icons
[10] Covenant Icons 


Does anyone know where I can find good quality Covenant caps?? These icons aren't as good as they could be because the quality of the images I used was... horrible..

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hmm my new obsessions

Well I have 2 new obsessions now.

1. The Covenant- Steven Strait
2. Star Wars- Hayden Christensen

Both actors are ridiculously hot and I love them both equally. i cannot decide which is hotter..... 

Anyways, yesterday I talked to Stephanie for the first time in like a week. We're friends again which makes me happy :) but then again I hope that we never fight like that again, even though we probably will. Next fight I'll probably end up physically kicking her ass...... hahah

anyways So far I havent recieved my drgu test results from Circuit City... I dont think I posted about that story.. Its quite funny in most ways but then not cool in other ways.

To make a long story short, of the 10 people that they hired i got randomly chosen to take a drug test. I went to the ghetto and took it. The results were delayed, aka I think that they lost them. An inside friend told me that I failed which is impossible because I've never done drugs before in my life. SO basically Im waiting for the official documentation to hide from my parents because they  have been asking me about the job that i no longer have.. I have to like intercept the mail because knowimg my nosy mother she will either open it up herself or make me open and read it outlud in front of her. damn her.

anyways I've been fighting the store about this. I have half the people on my side, and I was like I will take another one to prove to you that I dont do drugs so I'm waiting their response..

Ahh yeah, how ironically stupid. Its funny because I'm so anti-drug and for it to happen to me is.. well ironic. The family that I did tell are still laughing about it. (my 2 sisters and my cousin).

Well I had a math test today and I think it went well. I was the first one done and like I left after that so now I'm at home until 2:00. Most of the time when I feel really good about a test I bomb it for some reason despite the fact that I know how to do everything, I just make stupid mistakes...... ahh


Tonite I'm going to Panarama Video to buy some movie posters to decorate my room with... Hopefully they have some good ones...

p.s. I love speedos on built guys <3 hahah hence my icon. ; ]
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I need a layout that will work with an advertising account for my journal!!!

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the covenant!!

i finally saw the movie "The Covenant", and it was fucking awesome!!!

It is by far my current favorite movie!!

Oh and I am such an idiot. I went into the movie thinking that it was about vampires, and was completely wrong. i should have known by the word covenant that it was witches.. haha 

love it!!
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